Bridger Aerospace brings to bear decades of combined experience in unmanned aviation products and services. Whether you hire the Bridger Flight Team to conduct UAV flight operations or purchase a suite of mission-ready unmanned systems, the Bridger team is read to support you.

Leave Your UAV Mission to us,

or Purchase a Mission-ready Package


If you need a world-class UAV team on your next mission, Bridger Aerospace is a Part 333 Exemption holder and Part 107 licensed UAV operator. We can safely and legally operate UAVs on contract in support of infrastructure inspection, aerial mapping, military operations and other special mission requirements. If you prefer to purchase your own mission-ready UAV system, Bridger is proud to represent the cutting edge in UAV technology, with unmatched sales and support capacity.

Rotary Wing UAV: CyPhy PARC


Optimized for tactical scenarios, the CyPhy PARC is the answer to persistent situational awareness shortfalls in no-fail environments. Our rotary wing UAV package, featuring the CyPhy PARC, can support missions including sporting events, high threat compounds, large scale public demonstrations, wild land firefighting, and critical public safety scenarios.



Fixed Wing UAV: Silent Falcon UAS


For high flying and long distance requirements, Bridger provides the Silent Falcon UAS package. The Silent Falcon is a catapult-launched, electrically powered, fixed-wing UAV that carries Ascent Vision's immensely capable CM100 EO/IR payload.




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