Fighting on the Front Lines of Climate Change

Our mission is to save lives, property, and habitats threatened by wildfires, leveraging our world-class team, specialized aircraft, and innovative use of technology and data. Amid raging wildfires, changing climate, and a year-round fire season, Bridger Aerospace uses sustainable and environmentally safe firefighting methods. By sourcing water near the fire, we minimize harm to the local water system and reduce flight time between scoops and drops.

Advanced Capabilities and Technologies to Combat Wildland Fires Globally

We offer comprehensive and task-specific solutions to provide maximum support to firefighters on the ground. We continually explore and adapt to be a trusted provider of Fire Suppression and Aerial Surveillance services.

Redefining Technology to Meet the Emerging Challenges of
Wildland Aerial Firefighting

Bridger Aerospace outfits aircraft for mapping, data, analytics, and connectivity capabilities to provide intelligence for confident decision-making.
Be Fire Informed

FireTrac is a revolutionary and life-saving app designed by aerial firefighters that informs users in close to real-time critical fire information nearby. FireTrac provides high-resolution images of fires and up-to-date fire and weather data while at home or on an adventure in the wilderness